Avanti Wine Coolers Review

Nothing makes a good meal even better than sipping a glass of wine whether by yourself or with other people. An Avanti cooler will keep your wine chilled to perfection. You can find an Avanti cooler for a small collection of bottles or for a large one.

Avanti is a brand which is known for refrigerators and you can see their products in leading restaurants and hotels. Customers can choose from single zone Avanti coolers and double zone Avanti coolers. People with small and substantial wine collections will find all the things they need with Avanti.

With Avanti, you will find the perfect cooler for your wine bottles. Your husband or father will love the small Avanti cooler which can hold eight bottles.

All the bottles can be stored safely inside the cooler. The Avanti 30-bottle cooler comes in a black color with a stainless steel trim. The 30-bottle cooler is heavier and bigger than the eight-bottle cooler. It offers a one touch control for red, white or sparkling wine, a one touch electronic display for monitoring temperature and a security lock.

There is also a large Avanti cooler which can hold up to 166 bottles of wine. This Avanti cooler has durable wooden shelves. It is also equipped with the latest technology in wine cooling.

Avanti offers about eleven different dual zone coolers that hold from eight wine bottles to one hundred forty-nine wine bottles. The Avanti eight-bottle cooler has a black color and it also has a door which very much looks like a mirror. This Avanti cooler has a compact size which everyone will love. It offers superconductor technology that eliminates noise and vibration, uses low wattage, has separate control functions for the top and bottom and has a full range thermostat.

The eighteen bottle Avanti wine cooler measures 26-1/4″ high by 15-1/4″ wide and weighs thirty six pounds. It is black, offers slide out chrome shelves, interior lighting and unique state-of-the-art thermoelectric technology.

The 149-bottle is bigger, taller and wider. It offers wooden pull out shelves, dual electric temperature controls, interior lighting system and built in interior fan for temperature control. This Avanti wine cooler can hold 74 bottle on the upper section and 75 bottles on the lower section.

Instructions are included in all Avanti coolers. These coolers are known to be durable and quiet. If something should happen to your Avanti cooler, there is no need to worry because they are covered with warranty. The Internet is the best place if you are looking for Avanti cooler discounts, you can also check your local stores.

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