Bar Stools For The Kitchen That Complement Your Decor

Kitchen bar stools are so popular that they are manufactured in a wide variety of styles, so finding a style that works with your kitchen decor won’t be a problem. While there are people who don’t concern themselves with anything but function when it comes to home furnishings, I think most people want furniture that is not only functional but also adds to and complements the rest of the room decor. If you are someone who just wants your furniture to function, you can skip this article, for the rest of you let’s take a look at choosing bar stools for the kitchen that add seating as well as enhancing your kitchen decor. You may have decided on an oak stool, or may be unsure whether you want static or fixed bar stools. However you ought to learn the different styles of stools on the market.

The following are some of the more common bar stool styles available.

Traditional Style Bar Stool

Traditional style is classic and timeless and is both elegant and comfortable at the same time. Usually all the furniture pieces will be in a similar finish, (the same wood, the same paint color, etc). If your style is strictly traditional, you will want to choose bar stools for the kitchen that closely matches your other kitchen furnishings.

Most often a rich cherry or mahogany wood bar stool, or wood with leather seats and/or backs stool come to mind when thinking of a traditional style bar stool. Wooden bar stools are more common in this style than metal ones.

Contemporary Style Bar Stool

Contemporary style is modern and sometimes edgy and furnishings in contemporary decors are usually clean lined. Contemporary decorating often is based on a neutral color scheme with a bold color accent.

The pictured bar stool certainly fits the definition of modern, with the clean, straight lines of the metal and the pop of color from the seat. By the way, if you like this bar stool, but don’t care for the seat color, it is available in lots of other colors.

Transitional Bar Stools

If you find that your decorating style seems to be a blend of contemporary and traditional, you will probably prefer the transitional style. Transitional style furnishings can best be described as traditional with a twist.

The pictured bar stool is a good example. The lines of the bar stool look very much like the traditional wood stool, but by replacing the dark wood with a metal frame you have a more modern feel. This article shows some great transitional looks using industrial style bar stools in traditional style kitchens.

Rustic Bar Stools

Rustic style decorating has been around forever, but lately has become somewhat trendy and much more popular. If your decorating style leans to the rustic side that means more choices.

Rustic bar stools can run the gamut from log look bar stools to rustic metal finished bar stools. The rustic bar stool I chose to feature here is a simple painted wood saddle seat bar stool, that would work well in not only a rustic style kitchen, but a cottage kitchen as well.

Retro Bar Stools

Everything old is new again and another very popular decorating style today is retro. There are lots of great retro style bar stools with shiny chrome frames and bright colored vinyl seats that look like they could fit right in a 1950’s soda shop.

If the bright yellow is not quite your style, there are lots of other colors available. There are also retro bar stools with backs that are very nice too.

These are the most popular styles of bar stools on the market, but they are not they only styles. A simple search will allow you to find many more styles to choose from. You will then need to decide if you want your bar stools for the kitchen to blend with your decor or maybe add a bit of fun with a contrasting element.

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