Best Under Counter Wine Coolers

There are a huge variety of wine coolers out there, but when it comes to space and storage, many coolers can take up too much room, especially in small kitchens. However, thanks to the design of under counter wine coolers, we can now keep our treasured bottles of wine at the perfect temperature and within easy reach.

An under counter wine cooler is simply a storage system similar to a fridge designed specifically to keep wine at a specified temperature. Although many wine connoisseurs like to keep their wines in cellars, not everyone has access to a basement facility for this purpose. The under the counter coolers are an ideal solution for anyone with limited space in their home especially in their kitchen and the under counter wine coolers come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any space in any household.

Depending on the type of wine collector you are, different wine coolers can suit each person’s individual needs and if you have that empty space under your kitchen counter just dying to be filled, then what better option than to fill it with a wine cabinet?

What Should I Look for in a Under Counter Wine Cooler?

Size of the Wine Coolers

Have in mind that your collection is likely to decrease and increase on a regular basis (especially if wine is part of your meal or bed time routine during the week!). Always have twice the amount of space that you think you need to ensure that you can always cater for extra additions to your wine collection. Smaller coolers hold up to 6 bottles, and larger models can hold between 60 and 80 so choose the right capacity for you.

Doors on the Cooler

Good quality, UV protected glass doors are the obvious choice for under counter coolers – they make viewing your collection a lot easier and ensure no sun damage. However, glass doors can be expensive so if you want a cooler which regulates temperature effectively but for less money, try a solid door instead.

Wine Shelves Quality and Style

Shelving in wine coolers can be made of a variety of materials from metal racks, to wooden frames to glass slats. Although all of these are sturdy holders, it is mainly down to personal taste as to the type of shelf you want in your cooler. If you have opted for glass doors, then glass shelves or metal wire racks are better for presentation, however wooden shelves are sturdy and the more recommended material for wine storage as it helps to regulate the wine’s temperature.

Buying Under Counter Coolers

Under counter coolers aren’t cheap but if you are protecting your unique and expensive collection of wine, then a good quality cooler is a great way of ensuring that your wine stays safe and unspoiled. If you are storing different types of wine that require different temperatures, then go for a cooler unit which has dual temperature zones so that you can set each zone at the ideal temperature for each collection.

Look at the purchase of your wine cooler as more of an investment, after all a good quality unit can make sure that your collection of wine (which you have probably spent a lot of money on) is stored in the perfect conditions. Dual zone temperature control, humidity monitors and LED displays are all extras which you may find help store your wine appropriately.

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