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Dual zone Wine Refrigerator

Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators

Welcome to my Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator reviews. This section of the site will provide you with valuable and the most up to date information on the latest innovations in the industry. It will also keep you up to date with all the latest technology on all the current wine refrigerators.

However, when consumers are searching for products to buy they are usually looking for a deal or discount. We will provide you in finding the best prices and deals on all the different brands of Dual Zone Wine Refrigerators.

We will provide you with wine refrigerator reviews of all the major brands including:

  • Avanti wine refrigerator
  • Cuisinart wine refrigerator
  • Danby wine refrigerator
  • Haier wine refrigerator
  • Magic Chef wine refrigerator
  • Marvel wine refrigerator
  • Vinotemp wine refrigerator

One of the best features on most dual zone wine refrigerators is the 1 touch highly digital control system that allows you to set the temperature according to the type of wine that is currently being stored. It doesn’t matter if you are currently  storing Red or White wines, the 1 touch system on your wine refrigerator will adjust to correct temperature for each type of wine.  Most red wines can be enjoyed the best at temperatures 52-64 F, while the majority of white wines require cooler drinking temperature (42-50 F) to really appreciate their flavor.

So if you’re a wine enthusiast, wine connoisseur, or just like wine…. then you will not go wrong buying dual zone wine refrigerator for your home. It’s basically a must have for anyone who wants and understands the significance of maintaining the correct temperature in storing their wines.

The Benefits of Buying a Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

Dual zone wine refrigerators which are also called dual zone wine coolers in some circles have two very distinct, and independently controlled temperature zones for red and white wine storage. If you interested in buying a dual zone wine refrigerator you may want to look first at some of the benefits of having this type of wine refrigerator in your home.

Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator are the best types of wine refrigerator units for wine lovers because they preserve your wines for a very long time. It’s like having your own wine cellar in the basement. With dual temperature zones you are able achieve the correct temperature for every type of wine from a Chardonnay to a Cabernet Sauvignon. This one little unit will maintain your wines natural flavor and essence. Basically, when you store wine in a dual zone wine fridge, the real juices and flavor come out.

Another indirect benefit of having a wine refrigerator is that it will give your kitchen or entertainment room a luxurious and classy look. If you having a get together or a party, you can have one of your favorite wines chilled and ready to be served to you guest instantly with a dual zone wine refrigerator.

The great thing about a dual zone wine refrigerator is that they are designed to look very stylish and help display your wine properly.

Buying a Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

If you’re seriously looking to buying one of these wine coolers then I would suggest looking online first because most websites provide the best make and models at the most competitive prices. Also, you would be able to compare the best prices and features right there in the comfort of your own home. In terms of pricing, depending on the make and model you desire they can run anywhere between $150 to over $1000 for a dual zone wine refrigerator that would probably store over 50 bottles.

So if you’re a wine lover or wine enthusiast and love both red and white wines then you may consider buying a dual zone wine refrigerator in order to achieve the correct temperature for drinking.  The dual zone wine refrigerator is the perfect fit or gift for the wine enthusiast’s home or office. Not only does it deliver a stunning wine, time after time, but a dual zone wine refrigerator delivers a message of class and dedication to the art of wine drinking!

Top 5 Dual Zone Wine Coolers That Wine Connoisseurs Are Raving About

If  you’re a wine connoisseur then you know how important it is to have a good wine cooler or wine refrigerator.  Listed below are the top five dual zone wine coolers on the market today.

Haier Dual Zone Refrigerators

haier soft lighting

The first Dual zone refrigerators / coolers brand that makes it into the list is the range by Haier. The Haier Dual Zone wine refrigerator is yet another good choice. It has different storage compartments so that you can chill wines at different temperatures. This is a great plus if you need to chill different kinds of wines at the same time. It also comes with an electronic temperature control that is easy to use.

Featuring soft interior lighting, dual zone technology (with temperature controls), vibration free semiconductor cooling and gorgeous LED displays, this dual zone range by Haier comes in 12, 16 and 18 bottle sizes and is one of the most highly reviewed dual zone wine refrigerators.

12 Bottle 16 Bottle 18 Bottle 
Haier Dual Zone Refrigerators  Haier 12-Bottle Wine Cooler  Haier 16-Bottle Wine Cooler  Haier 18-Bottle Wine Cooler
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 Best Price Best Price  Best Price


Avanti 18-bottle Wine Cooler

The Avanti 18-bottle wine cooler is excellent. There are actually a number of different coolers made by Avanti; if you are buying one for your home then you do not need one of their larger models; an 18 bottle one will suffice. They make one that is thermoelectric and comes with a full range thermostat. It works great for chilling different kinds of wines at the same time and it is easy to adjust the temperature with the soft touch controls. Another plus is that Avanti makes it to look quite aesthetic with a glass door and soft interior lighting.

Edgestar 21-bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Edgestar 21-bottle dual zone wine cooler offers many of the same features that the above mentioned ones offer. Made from stainless steel, it is a good quality brand name. It costs over $200 for one of these but the investment is well worth it if you want something that is good quality and will last a long time.

Magic Chef Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The Magic Chef dual zone wine cooler is excellent if you need something larger. It can hold up to 44 bottles of different kinds of wine and it is beautiful looking. It can cool not only wines but also other beverages as well, all at the same time, which is quite convenient if you are having a large party at your home or if you need something for your restaurant. It is made from stainless steel and costs a bit under $500.

Vinotemp Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Vinotemp dual zone wine refrigerators are another good buy. Vinotemp makes quite a variety of different coolers. You can buy a smaller one that holds 12 bottles of wine for a bit over $200 and the price goes up from there depending on the exact style and the size that you need. Vinotemp’s newest model, the VT-45SB wine cooler, is beautiful to behold with its stainless door and black cabinet body and it can hold up to 45 bottles.

While it is possible to buy any one of these wine refrigerators from a retail store such as home depot, it is also possible and economical to buy one from an online retailer. While you may not get to check it as well as you could at the retail store, you may find it to be a lot cheaper to buy online, especially if the retailer you are buying offers free shipping. Make sure to check this out as some do ship for free while others do not, or only offer free shipping if you live in a particular area.


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