Best Oak Bar Stools – Buying Guide

Since many varieties of oaks are native American trees it should come as no surprise that oak has been used for hundreds of years for making one type of furniture or another. Oak is a very hard wood that is quite durable and therefore lends itself well to furniture that will be used and often abused as is the case with most kitchen bar stools. If you need something that can stand up to the kids and the pets then oak bar stools for your kitchen will definitely be a wise choice.

Oak furniture has gone in an out of fashion through the years with its greatest popularity being during the Craftsman era. The mission or arts and craft style furniture popularized by Gustav Stickley during that time is seeing a new appreciation today from another generation of homeowners. Much of that furniture was made of beautiful quarter sawn oak.

Quarter sawn oak, as the name sounds is made by cutting an oak log into quarters. This produces a board that has straight grain lines that run parallel instead of the wavy grain line found on plain sawn oak. You can find newly manufactured mission oak bar stools, some even made of quarter sawn oak, manufactured in the arts and craft style today. (Some really expensive wine and drinks cabinets are made of oak!)

Of course there are oak bar stools made in styles other than mission or craftsman that will work perfectly at your kitchen island or any bar area in your home. Whether you need painted bar stools or unfinished oak bar stools to paint or stain to complement your decor, there are a wide variety of styles available.

Many people find the look of the grain of oak wood to be course, but I rather like the look of oak. I find the look of the grain to be part of the appeal of it. It does lend itself well to more rustic decorating styles than other woods with less obvious grain pattern such as cherry. However, solid oak bar stools that are painted will work well with any type of decor as the wood will be hidden, yet you will still gain all the benefits of its durability.

If wood bar stools are on your shopping list for any room in your home, take a look at the numerous oak bar stools for sale and you may find just what you need.

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