Best Small Wine Coolers

Being a wine lover does not mean that you need a huge collection, so if you want to store your small collection at the perfect temperature and in the perfect conditions, then a small wine cooler is the best solution. Rather than spending a fortune on a large capacity wine cooling unit where you always have empty space, the more economical and practical alternative is to get a small capacity wine cooling cabinet. Under-counter and table top coolers are the most popular types of units on the market, and, depending on the space you have available, your needs, and the type of wines you collect, you can easily choose which would suit you best.

Capacities of small wine coolers can range from 4 to 20, and usually anything bigger than this is considered a medium sized unit.

A thermoelectric 4 bottle wine cooler is the ideal way of keeping your small wine collection at the appropriate temperature and humidity, and because of the thermoelectric process, this means that the fridge is a more eco friendly cooling solution to storing your wine.

Cabinets with tempered glass doors are great for display purposes, especially if you want to make a feature of the wine cooler by placing it on a low table or unit in the corner of your kitchen, living room or den. Similarly, other freestanding coolers come with either black or stainless steel covers which can complement interior decor whilst having a practical use. A 7 bottle capacity wine cooler holds 20L of wine; more than enough if you are entertaining dinner guests!

White wines and red wines need to be stored at different temperatures from one another if you want to maintain their quality. This is why Dual Zone wine coolers can be great for those who like to collect different types of wine. White wine should ideally be stored between 8 and 10C and red should be stored between 10-16ºC. However, even different types of wine (those with more intense, warmer flavours or lighter bodies) may vary in temperature. Dual Zone allows you to store your reds, whites, or sparkling wines at the perfect temperatures without having to buy separate storage facilities.

Different designs suit different spaces, and if it is a stylish appearance you are after, then Vinotemp, Avanti or Wine Enthusiast brands will modernise your living space perfectly.

The Vinotemp digital model can hold up to 12 bottles, and is black with a stainless steel and glass door. The thermoelectric mechanism allows the unit to run quietly and effectively, and the pullout shelves allow easy access to your wine selection.

A freestanding 7 bottle wine cooler such as the Candy CCVB25T ensures sleek, space saving storage and is ideal if you only have a slender space available i.e. between kitchen units. Rather than opting for a unit which has the basic function of keeping all types of drinks cool, ensure that you opt for a specifically designed wine cooler – these units will offer more appropriate wine temperatures and will also come with instructions on how to store your wine.

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