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There are many many wine cooler choices in the market.

Why do I need a Good Wine Cooler?

In most bottles of wine the cork is the weakest point, if the humidity levels change and the cork expands or contracts then you can end up with oxygen and other contaminants sneaking their way into the bottle. Consistent temperature control will ensure this does not happen and you can collect your wine safe in the knowledge that the atmospheric conditions surround your wine is controlled.

If you are serious about your wine then I would urge you to consider getting a dedicated wine cooler cabinet. Although you could store your wine in your normal refrigerator it will get moved around every time you open the door. This can destroy the wine as part of the aging process involves ensuring the sediments within the bottle float to the bottom and stay there. You can literally destroy a great bottle of wine by moving it around constantly.

I intended this post to be an introduction rather than a simple lesson in wine storage but it is important to understand that a wine cooler is more than just a convenient place to store your wine, it is almost a necessity if you wish to keep your wine in good condition.

Benefits of Buying a Wine Cooler

If you are a relatively new wine collector you may be wondering why you should go and splash out on an expensive wine cooler for your home. Aside from the fact that these units look really posh in your home and make an excellent job of showing off your wine collection they do have some serious benefits over using a traditional fridge.

Many wines need to be left for months/years/decades to mature properly and in order for them to actually do that they need to be left undisturbed.

Inside any wine bottle there are various particles and sediments floating around and these need to settle on the bottom. This is critical for the wine to age correctly. You can imagine how often your kitchen refrigerator is opened every day and therefore is no good really for storing wine. Even the vibrations from the motor can have an affect. Wine cooler manufacturers know this so any decent wine cooler is fitted with a thermoelectric motor which contains no moving parts and keeps vibrations to an absolute minimum.

Any decent wine cooler is fitted with a thermoelectric motor

You will learn as you become more experienced that different wines require different storage conditions for best results. This means you will end up with bottles in the fridge, in the cupboard, under the sink and just about everywhere else you could think of! Wine coolers normally feature zones which can be controlled independently allowing you to keep all sorts of different wines in one unit. This makes life so much easier as you can expect better results having such control over your wines. You can also keep the temperature and humidity at a constant level without any fluctuations.

Wine does not like sunlight at all, in fact, the suns rays are capable of completely destroying a perfectly good bottle of wine in a very short time. This is why people stored their wines in the basement or cellar going right back to the Roman Times. With building costs so high these days it is just not feasible for most people to build their own wine cellar! Wine coolers normally have UV resistant glass fitted which means you can keep your wine anywhere in your home, even near windows and doors which would normally be a bad idea!

Finally, although this may be obvious to most people, wine refrigerators have the bottles in the correct configuration. You should always ensure you keep your collection stored in a horizontal position and not standing vertical on the base of the bottle. This keeps the wine surrounding the cork and keeps the bottle sealed. If the cork is allowed to dry out then it can possible shrink allowing air into the bottle. If this happens you will probably end up throwing that bottle away as the contents will be spoiled.

I hope you will find this site useful as I have had my fair share of wine coolers, some have been great and others have been nothing but trouble. I will try to save you the time, and the wine :-) , by helping you avoid lower quality products. If your wine cooler breaks and needs to be repaired you will have to move the wine out, which defeats the purpose of buying one in the first place!

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