Choosing Kitchen Bar Stools

With the popularity of kitchen islands and breakfast bars, more and more people are looking for bar stools to complete their kitchen seating. Now that you have found your ideal Wine Bar Cabinet, why not compliment your furniture with the right stools?

When shopping for kitchen bar stools you will find a wide array of choices and there are several things you need to consider before you make your final decision.

Kitchen Bar Stool Buying Guide

Bar Stool Heights

Bar Stools come in several different heights and it is important to measure your counter height in order to determine the proper height of bar stool needed. Measure from the floor to the top of your bar.

Kitchen Counter Bar Stools: The typical kitchen counter height is 36 inches from the floor. For this bar you need a bar stool with a seat height of around 22 to 24 inches. These stools are often called counter stools as they work with the standard counter height.

Bar Height Bar Stools: If your bar is taller than typical counter height, it is probably around 42 inches from the floor as this is a very popular height for breakfast bars and kitchen islands. This bar needs a stool with a seat height of around 28 to 30 inches. This is the height that is commonly known as bar stool height.

Extra Tall Bar Stools: Some bars are extra tall at anywhere from 46 to 48 inches in height. This bar needs a stool with a seat height of around 34 to 36 inches. These are commonly called extra height or extra tall bar stools.

Adjustable Height Bar Stools: There are also some kitchen bar stools that have adjustable seat heights. If you choose one of these you will need to make sure that the bar stool height range will work with your bar height.

While choosing the correct height is the most important factor, after all you can’t use the bar stool if the height is not right for your kitchen island or breakfast bar.

The next few choices you will need to make are not as important as choosing the proper height, but are things you need to consider and will have an affect on the style and function of your bar stools.

Kitchen Bar Stools Swivel or Not ?

Another option to consider is whether or not you want kitchen bar stools with swivel seats. There are many beautiful styles available both with and without swivel seats. If it is important that your bar stools have swivel seats, keep this factor in mind when shopping.

Kitchen Bar Stools with Arms

As with the option for swivel seats, you will find a wide variety of great bar stools, both with and without arms. Often a deciding factor in choosing a bar stool with arms is the amount of space you have available for seating at the bar.

You should always allow around 26-30 inches from the center of one bar stool to the center of the next one to be sure each person has enough elbow room. Since a bar stool with arms with usually take up more space, you may want to choose armless bar stools if you are short on space.

Kitchen Bar Stools With Backs

Choosing a bar stool with a back is generally a comfort choice. Most people find that any type of seating is more comfortable if there is a back to rest against. However, if you will only use your bar for quick meals, a backless bar stool will usually be lower cost and may be the best choice.

Upholstered Seats and Backs

There are numerous reasons that factor into the decision to choose to purchase upholstered kitchen bar stools or non-upholstered bar stools. Let’s look at a few.

  • An upholstered seat may be more comfortable.
  • An upholstered seat and/or back may be harder clean. Keep this in mind especially if children will be using the bar stools.
  • Your decor. Make sure that an upholstered bar stool works with the rest of the room decor.
  • The cost. Often an upholstered bar stool will be more costly than a similar bar stool that does not have an upholstered seat.

The Color and/or Finish

Kitchen bar stools are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Whether you are looking for a modern style chrome kitchen bar stool, a traditional style wood bar stool with a leather seat or something in between, with all the choices on the market, you will find what you want. Buy stools that compliment your decor.

The Cost

On last factor to keep in mind is cost. You will find bar stools for the kitchen from just under $100 dollars to well over $500 dollars. It goes without saying that a simple stationary seat bar stool with no back or arms will cost less than a solid wood, leather upholstered bar stool, but you will find a range of prices from retailer to retailer so it pays to shop around.

Don’t base your purchase only on price, keep in mind that cheap kitchen bar stools often will not last as long as a more expensive choice. If you intend to keep them for a while, shop for quality as well.

Counter Stools Fit Many Rooms

Many kitchens today often have that serving counter for you to be able to sit and enjoy your breakfast for that great cup of coffee. There are many different kinds of counter stools that you can get to create your seating area. Not only can this style furniture be used at your counter, but it can be used in other areas of your home as well.

You can always use your kitchen bar stools at your outdoor bar or in your family room as well. You can also be used with a high cocktail table to create unique seating as well. There are many different styles and designs of bar stools that you can choose from.

There are some bar stools that are designed using assorted metals such as chrome bar stools. Some of these may not have the back and will just have the seat. You can find fabric or leather that will create the cushioned seat. There are a variety of colors as well as designs that you can purchase. You can also purchase a swivel bar stool. This allows you to be able to turn in almost a 360? way. Many of these will also have the back support and arms for added design style.

There are also wooden bar stools or folding bar stools that will look great with the variety of other furniture in the room. These can have the intricate carvings or can also be very simple. Many of these can be in a traditional style as well as the modern style.

You can find counter stools at many stores that sell furniture and accessories. You can also look at many websites that have this type of chair available as well. This is a great way to be able to browse through their catalogs to be able to compare designs as well as prices. Often many of these companies will offer free shipping as well. Look at some of the different designs for rush counter stools and get those counter stools to use.

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