Kitchen Bar Stools: Swivel Bar Stools vs Stationary Bar Stools

When you begin shopping for bar stools for your kitchen you will soon discover there are thousands of colors and styles and several different heights to choose from, but within all these choices you will find only two types of stools, stationary or swivel bar stools. While neither style is inherently better than the other, only you can decide which is best for your space and particular use. There are however, a couple of things to consider to help you decide what you need before you purchase your kitchen bar stools.

Space is a Factor

Take into consideration the space available as you decide whether to purchase swivel kitchen bar stools or stationary ones.

Stationary bar stools need a larger area of access than swivel stools, as just with any type of dining chair they must be pulled away from the table area in order to sit in them and then moved away again in order to get out of them. So if the area you are putting bar stools has little access, swivel seats will make the bar stools easier to use. A bar that adjoins the living area is another place where swivel seats on bar stools are effective.

Children need to be considered

Some kitchen bar stools swivel a full 360 degrees and some do not. Keep in mind that if you choose the ones that swivel all the way around, they often become a fun ride for kids, so they may not be the best choice if you have small children. Parents of small children may be better off purchasing the bar stools with what as known as memory swivel. These seats swivel about 90 degrees in either direction, but then the seat returns to its previous location. Usually bar stools that swivel all the way around are backless bar stools, while the bar stools that have backs will be the memory swivel type.

If you choose the memory swivel bar stools you need to be sure that there is adequate clearance when the stool is swiveled so that it does not hit the bar. Usually a clearance of around ten to twelve inches is enough to allow the stool plenty of swivel room.

Think about the quality

One last thing to keep in mind is the swivel mechanism itself. Make sure the mounting plates and bearings are high quality to insure a long life and ease of use. If however you begin to have problems with the swivel itself down the road, you will be glad to know that they can easily be replaced.

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