Kitchen Bar Stools: Wood Bar Stools vs Metal Bar Stools

It goes without saying we all want furniture, whether bar stools or other furniture, that is practical, affordable and comfortable. When you begin your search for bar stools for your kitchen you will need to make several decisions in order to narrow you choices down. One of the choices you will need to make will be what material you prefer the bar stools to be made of. Basically you will have two choices wood or metal. Popular wooden bar stools are often made of high quality wood such as oak. Both of these materials have there pros and cons and unless you have your mind made up you should take these into consideration when making your buying decision.

This decision may be easy for some homeowners, as certain decorating styles seem to lend themselves more to using wood furniture while metal furniture fits better with other decorating styles. For instance ultra modern or contemporary kitchen bar stools would look out of place in a kitchen decorated with a rustic decorating style. There are beautiful bar stools available in both metal and wood and while you do want something that looks nice in your home, you should consider other factors than just how the bar stools look before you make your purchase.

Considerations for Wooden Kitchen Bar Stools

  • Quality hardwood furniture is durable, soft woods such as pine will not be as durable
  • Bar stools are available in a wide variety of woods
  • Wood bar stools can be bought unfinished and stained or painted to match your decor
  • Wood furniture works with most any decorating style
  • Wood can be refinished if needed rather inexpensively
  • Wood bar stools like other wood furniture pieces adds visual warmth to the room

Considerations for Metal Kitchen Bar Stools

  • Metal bar stools are also quite durable, but unless you choose aluminum can be somewhat heavy
  • Metal bar stools are available in a variety of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron
  • Metal furniture sometimes doesn’t work with certain decorating styles
  • Metal bar stools and other metal furniture tends to add a cold look to the room

Once you have looked at the different considerations for metal or wood bars stools, you should have a better idea of what you want for your kitchen. Having that part of your choice narrowed down will make you shopping easier and you should be able to find kitchen bar stools, wood or metal that will be a perfect choice and look good in your kitchen for years to come.

Looking After Wooden Kitchen Bar Stools

A kitchen can be decorated in a wide range of styles. Wooden kitchen bar stools can add a touch of warmth and character to a room. These too come in a wide range of finishes and styles. Wooden stools are really easy to keep clean and looking in top form. One thing that will make sure your wooden stools always look their best to to clean up any spillages quickly, so they don’t stain the finish. In most cases a damp cloth will do the job perfectly. Try and not get the wood too wet for too long as this can lead to the possibility of the wood getting warped or split.

If you buy your wooden kitchen bar stools with a polyurethane finish then this will help protect against any spills. There are some wooden stools that will come finished in a stain or varnish, these will need some special care. Always make sure your stools are dusted clean and polished. This is going to help you keep the hard to reach places free from dirt build up. If you use your kitchen regularly then your stools will be exposed to grease quite lot, so giving them a clean down with a wood cleaner every week will help keep them looking like new.

Use a wood cleaner along with a clean, soft cloth. You should probably wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your skin, and also put down some newspaper to keep the floor from becoming stained. Rub gently in a circular motion and start to remove the grease and dirt. Special care needs to be taken in any carved or ornate areas as the dirt and grease tends to build up quite badly in these areas. Once you have finished cleaning your bar stools and they are looking great, a wood feed will help to keep the wood from cracking and splitting. If you do this once a month then your stools will look great for a long time.

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