Mini Bar Fridges – Ideal For Your Man Cave!

For the man seeking to develop the ultimate getaway room in his home, a couple of items are absolutely essential.  These items are televisions and bar fridges – the bigger the better.  This article discusses what a properly equipped mini bar should ideally consist of.

In a perfect world, your minibar will be a wet bar.  In order to set up your bar area like this it will need to have access to your homes water supply.  If you have this you can purchase a mini bar fridge freezer and tap it into the plumbing using a small pipe.  This is the same setup you probably have for your main fridge freezer in your kitchen.

A plumbed in bar refrigerator allows you to purchase a unit that contains an automatic ice maker in its freezer section.  For someone who likes their drinks on the rocks this is a great thing, as you will never have to worry about running short on ice cubes.

In homes where the plumbing is not accessible from the mini bar, you will have to live without an ice maker.   Instead look for a compact fridge freezer that has ample space inside for ice cube trays.  While not the most convenient option, this will still let you have a source of ice in your bar.

As well as placing ice within your fridge-freezer, you should also aim to keep a healthy amount of fruit juices and pops.  Not only will this provide something for the kids to drink – if you allow them into your personal retreat – but they will also serve as mixers if you ever desire to mix yourself a drink.  Perhaps a bottle of wine or some wine coolers would be a good addition if you have a lady friend who favors those.

While not a requirement, if you are trying to create a wet bar aim to get a sink installed also.  It can be handy to have an area where it is not a disaster if you have a spill while preparing a drink.  That said, if you can’t swing a sink don’t worry – you will just have to be careful to not make a mess.

Probably the most essential companion to the fridge for your bar is ample storage and shelving.  A well-stocked bar will have many glasses for drinking from, and many bottles for pouring from.  If there is no place convenient to store your whisky or bourbon, you don’t have much of a bar!  You also need some place to keep a few quality glasses for yourself and any friends who may drop by.

With mini bar fridges configured in a bar like the one described above, you will have a retreat to be proud of.

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