Samsung Wine Cooler Reviews

Caple, Bosch and Samsung are what many wine experts would consider to be the best wine cooler brands on the market today and with a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit every kitchen and wine cellar it is no wonder that choosing the right cooling unit for you is a bit of a challenge.

However, thanks to Samsung’s wide range of models, selecting the right one should be made a little easier.

Size is the most important factor when choosing your wine cooler. The capacity of your cooler should be about twice the size that you think you may need. The reason for this is mainly because peoples’ wine collections grow and shrink regularly, and having a big enough unit is vital for keeping all of your wines stored at the appropriate temperature.

Medium Samsung Wine Coolers

The 300mm Built in Wine cooler by Samsung is a great size for any wine collector who has a medium sized collection (i.e. between 12 and 18 bottles at any one time). Its slender size means that it can sit between base units in your kitchen without taking up too much room and also means that owners with smaller kitchens can still benefit from space without having the wine cooler take up too much room. The tempered glass door allows you to see your collection with ease and the stainless steel handle and door frame are beautifully stylish for a modern kitchen.

Ideal for storing red wines, you can keep the temperature between 5 and 18C.

Dual Zone Samsung Wine Coolers

For the more explorative wine collector with a range of wines to store, a dual zone wine cooler is the better option. Rather than store all types of wine at one overall temperature, the Samsung Dual Zone allows you to store white wine in one section, and red in the other at their ideal temperatures. Storage of red wine is between 13 and 18C and white wine is between 7 and 9C. If you are hosting a special occasion with sparkling wine, then storing this at around 3C will keep the wine at its best.

The Dual Zone can hold up to 52 bottles and keep your bottles at the perfect humidity to ensure excellent quality. The cooler is quiet, free standing and is black and stainless steel in appearance – a sleek look for any kitchen.

Medium Sized Samsung Wine Coolers

The Samsung RW33EBSS1 is yet another stylish wine cooler from the brand and holds up to 33 bottles and allows you to store wines between 4 and 18C. Adjustable levelling legs ensure that your cooler stays stable once you have chosen a spot for it to stay, and UV protective glass door not only prevents harmful sun rays damaging your wine, it also helps keep the temperature regulated within the unit too.

With six wire rack shelves, this unit offers great cooling storage for your wine collection plus any other beverages you may want to store. One of the more popular Samsung models, this unit is also great value for money too and can usually be found reasonably priced.

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