Single Zone Wine Coolers Vs Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Introduction to Wine Cooling Zones

single zone vs dual zoneIf you are a wine drinker, then you should probably be aware that wine needs careful storing.

The better the wine, the more care you should take in storing it correctly.

For most avid wine drinkers out there, who want their wine served at just the right temperature, a good wine cooler is a must.

However with the plethora of choices in the market, how do you decide whats right and what isn’t?


Well first things first, Wine Coolers come in two primary cooling scenarios:

  • Single Zone
  • Dual Zone

So what’s the difference?

Simply put, a single zone wine cooler only has a single cooling setting, ie. The whole cooler operates at the same temperature.

On the other hand, a dual zone wine cooler operates on two different levels, one section of the cooler can be set to operate at a completely different cooling setting to the other section of the same cooler.

This is the single biggest difference between the two types of coolers.

Which Wine Cooler Type is Right For You?

  • First things first, are you a regular wine drinker, particular with your type of wine and the temperatures you serve it at?
  • Or are you a collector that collects good quality wine for occasional serving?
  • Do you drink only reds, or mostly whites?

As you can see, these simple questions have some really complicated answers.

The Single Zone Wine Cooler

AKDY 28 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler

To be perfectly honest, a single zone wine cooler is probably ideal for most beginners, especially if you haven’t got, or planned to acquire an extensive, expensive wine collection. If you simply want your wine to be cooled, ready for drinking, then a single zone wine cooler is good enough.

The main benefits of a single zone cooler over your regular fridge, is that it “chills” the wine, allows you to store it in the correct way, and there is no variation in temperature due to the level of items in the fridge. You can read the differences between fridges and wine coolers in this guide. If you are looking for a small wine cooler, see our reviews here. If you would prefer a wine refrigerator, see our reviews here.

The Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Edgestar 34 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine CoolerThe dual zone wine cooler is one of the most worthwhile investments for those who are more than just amateur wine drinkers. In particular they are aimed at those connoisseurs who prefer to have their whites and reds, all stored at the perfect drinking temperatures.

The primary benefit of the dual zone wine cooler, as I have hinted at earlier, is its ability to section of the cooler to allow storing wines at different temperatures. Most people assume that dual zone coolers are just for storing reds and whites separately. This isn’t strictly true. Some people like to drink their whites at different temperatures  – take for example a Pinot Grigio – its ideally served at  45°F/7°C, while Chardonnay is better served at 50°F/10°C. Both are whites, and both have different serving temperatures.

Dual zone wine coolers are more expensive than single zone wine coolers, however if you are serious about your wine, and drink expensive bottles, then it’s worth investing in a dual zone cooler, after all, nothing is worse than an expensive wine stored incorrectly and ending up undrinkable! See our best dual zone wine coolers here.

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