Storing Wine Properly

Keeping wine cool isn’t as easy as putting the wine in the wine cooler cabinet. The truth is that different types of wine should be stored differently.

New unopened bottles of wine should be kept in a horizontal position at all times, ensuring the cork is in contact with the liquid inside. If the cork is allowed to dry out then it will fail to do its job as a sealer and air may find its way into the bottle. This is a major reason aged wines are spoiled.

Storage is best in a cool area like a basement. A wine cooler will provide optimum results as the wine can be kept at the correct temperature at all times. Most wine coolers are equipped with special motors that do not give off any vibrations. Any ongoing vibrations will cause air to develop in the wine, this ends up oxidizing and ruining the wine. Particles that have settled to the bottom will also keep moving around which will have a negative effect on the flavor.

Make sure there is no direct sunlight in your storage area. Rays of light will destroy the wines natural flavor and cause it to age much quicker than normal. Keeping the light out and the humidity regulated around 72% will provide the best results. Conversely, do not store your wine in a really cold area. Temperatures under 40F will halt the aging process completely.

It is not a good idea to store any strong chemicals, like bleach etc, near your wine collection. The smells that are given off could end up seeping into the bottle and changing the flavor.

Always read up on the particular wines you wish to store. Certain types will not get better with age and therefore are pointless in keeping for extended periods. A good example of this are the majority of lower priced wines. Reds can take between 18 months and 12 years to properly age. The chemical composition will determine the exact time period for different reds. Whites should be kept no longer than 3 years as a general rule. You will find exceptions, some Chardonnays can take nearly 20 years or more to mature.

For a rough guide on optimal storage temperatures see below.

  • Sparking type Wines and Champagne 45-57F (8-15C)
  • Light Reds 55F (13C)
  • Dark/Deep Reds 58-65F (15-19c)
  • Rose and Dry Whites 45-56F (8-14C)

Wine coolers provide the perfect solution as they are built for the job. Temperature, humidity and light can be controlled as well as motors with little to no vibrations. Your bottle and the cork will be kept at the perfect humidity levels to prevent any damage.

Please feel free to look around the site and read up on the different wine coolers on the market and whether they are worth the money or not.

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