Types of Corkscrews

If you are kind of a person who uses to be at home and drink whenever you get time to do so then you must want to have a good corkscrew to open up the bottle’s lid for you. The selection of the right corkscrew can prove to be a difficult task if you are new and have no or little experience about the corkscrews. There are many different types of corkscrews available in the stores but they do have one thing common in them which is present in all of them and that is helix or worm made of some kind of metal. Beside the basic type of corkscrews there many other corkscrews available which are discussed below.

The Perfectionist – Lever Style Corkscrew

You can use this type of corkscrew to easily open up the bottle because it provides the function of holding the bottle’s cork with the help of its clamp. You need to hold the bottle tight and not to let it move as you push down the helix or worm into the cork. This type of corkscrew is most easy to use but you need some extra space to keep it beside you and you also have to pay some extra bucks to get this one.

Tricky but worth it – Waiter’s Corkscrew

As the name suggest, it is the corkscrew which is mostly used by the waiters because it is slim and once they have learnt to use it they look professional while opening the bottles.  It is preferred for its small size and also because of its knife which can be closed away easily. It is safe to use and does not take too much space to fit in you can even keep it in the pockets of your jeans. The only disadvantage it has is that you need to do practice in order to use it without facing problems.

The Twisted – Twisting Pull Cork

You have to twist the helix or worm into the bottle’s cork in order to open it up. Once the helix or worm has entered into the cork completely start to move it outwards and the cork will start to go away from the bottle’s neck. It requires regular turning as the name suggest but it is dependable and cost effective.

The Winged Corkscrew

This corkscrew follows its name because it has wings placed on it which are used to take out the cork of the bottle. In order to use this corkscrew you have to push the helix or worm into the work, as you push it in the wings on its side will keep on rising and once you have pushed it deep once you force those wings inward and as a result the cork comes out. One thing you need to be sure of is that do not let the helix or work go too deep otherwise you will taste the bits of cork in your drink.

Mounted Corkscrew

As the name suggests that it is mounted corkscrew so it must be mounted on something which can be a wall or the counter. These types of corkscrews have been in use for a very long time, mostly in the bars when there are too many customers and the corks of the bottles are to be removed quickly. Now their use is not just limited to the bars they can be used in homes as well for bottles which have longer corks at their tops.

These are the one of the best corkscrews available out there in the market which you can use to remove the corks; you can select one of these according to your preferences. There are also some other corkscrews available such as Sommerlier Corkscrew, Double-Prong Corkscrew and Air Pump Corkscrew, but these are not as efficient as above mentioned corkscrews are.

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